Rachel Was Resplendent On Her Senior Session!

Rachel was resplendent on her senior photo session on location, in the studio, with her hair curly and straight!  Her session had it all and why not?  This girl has it all.  She’s got the looks, brains, personality, a great family and a great future!  We were proud to have her represent our studio this year as a spokesmodel and we were looking forward to photographing her again since her spokesmodel session was so great!

Rachel was torn between having her hair curly which is how it is naturally or wearing it straight which is what we did for the spokesmodel session, so we decided to do a little of both.  Her mom joined us and we had a blast!  We started outside on location with the curls where the fall leaves were all around…


Really pretty lighting here and as I said before – Rachel looks resplendent!

Meanwhile we had another “wildlife adventure” on this shoot as a snake decided to join us making Rachel scream which pretty much made me scream… kind of a chain reaction…

Ally was able to grab a photo of our little friend…

SNAKENext we moved over to a pavilion in the nature preserve that has several elements that we like to photograph with our seniors, but while we have noticed this mural in the next photo before, we never used it!  We’re not sure why we hadn’t but we’ll call it “Rachel’s Mural” from now on and we think it made for a really nice backdrop!


Here is our fun little behind the scenes vine of the day!

Next it was time to head back to the studio and Rachel went down the hall to get her hair straightened for the second half of the session where we focused mainly on the black background.  The black always has a nice dramatic look to it:


Straight-haired Rachel looks just as good as curly-haired Rachel!  And let’s look at one more on the black…


So that’ll do it!  We hope you liked these highlights from Rachel’s session in all of her resplendence!  We certainly enjoyed spending another day with her!

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