A Pair Of Our Favorite Senior Twins – Ethan’s Turn!

In our last post we highlighted photos of Claire from “a pair of our favorite senior twins” and this time it’s twin brother Ethan’s turn!  We mentioned how their spokesmodel session was so memorable and that this repeat performance didn’t disappoint, so let’s continue the fun…

The storyline follows pretty closely to Claire’s since we did this all together.  We started in the studio on the black background:


Ethan is an outgoing and personable guy – very confident and a pleasure to be around, and he and Claire get along really well.  At least from what we’ve seen anyway…  Ha!

Next we headed out on location and yesterday we mentioned that not only was there a scenario with a frog but a Titanic reenactment.  In this vine that highlights the twin photos we took you’ll see a little of that.  😀

Okay next let’s take a look at a couple more awesome shots of Ethan – first on the rocks…


And then this next full length shot on a pathway….


We also shot a little more behind the scenes footage of just Ethan in this fun vine!

We made two more stops after that location as you may remember from Claire’s session – first to the graffiti wall where we’ll share this photo of the two of them:


And then to the meadow where we photographed a thoughtful Ethan “pondering his future”!


So that will do it for now – we have had a great time photographing these two over this past year and we are thrilled that we’ve had the opportunity to hang with them and be a part of their senior year.  We look forward to fun times and visits with them in the future!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights from their sessions!

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