A Pair Of Our Favorite Senior Twins – Claire First!

A pair of our favorite senior twins came back for their senior photos which we were really excited about since we had so much fun the first time around on their spokesmodel session!  Ethan and Claire have been a joy to have representing our studio – we just love them.  This session included a scenario with a frog, Titanic reenactments and various other shenanigans but at the core we also had an amazing shoot that happened!  Here we are going to go “ladies first” and start with Claire…

We started out in the studio in the early afternoon on the black background for this simple and cute close crop…

Favorite Senior Twins

So pretty and she is such a sweetheart!  Next we went outside where we covered a lot of ground including a couple spots we don’t necessarily visit that often.  Big rocks are always fun to use:

Favorite Senior Twins

Here is our fun behind the scenes vine of Claire including the scenario with the frog that I mentioned earlier…  haha!

Too bad the frog bailed right before Claire was about to turn him into a prince!  🙂

Next let’s highlight a photo of Claire and Ethan together.  This is part of the fun of photographing twins – you get to do fun shots of them together in addition to solo shots!

Favorite Senior Twins

Next we took a drive to the graffiti wall that we’ve used a few times over the years.  You never know what you’ll get since the graffiti can change, but it actually hasn’t changed the last couple times we’ve gone there.

Favorite Senior Twins

Lastly we made one more stop at the meadow we discovered just this year for a few more and we got this one with some beautiful backlight!

Favorite Senior Twins

So there it is – Claire’s photos from the session were wonderful, and next we’ll highlight our photos of Ethan as we continue to celebrate two of our favorite senior twins!  So stay tuned!

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