We Are Unabashedly And Openly Admiring Alayna!

We are unabashedly and openly admiring Alayna and we don’t care if we embarrass her a little by saying so!  This girl is unassuming and modest, but she is beautiful and she has a cool style all her own.  After moving away for a while she came back to Michigan to finish her senior year and we are happy she did!  Her grandmother joined us on her session and what a cool grandma!  Our day with them was really just a total pleasure.

Okay so let’s get to the photos.  We started in the studio on the black background and we love Alayna in the grungy look with the ripped jeans, sneakers and flannel style shirt!

openly admiring alayna

We grabbed a few other photos on the black background before we headed out on location and here is a nice close up of Alayna’s lovely smile!

openly admiring alayna

Next it was time to head out on location and the fall colors were still at their peak on the day we spent together – this year it really seemed like we had an extended window with the colors over previous years.

We love everything about this next image – the fall orange behind her, the breeze slightly blowing her hair, the jacket, her eyes – all of it!

openly admiring alayna

Here is our fun behind the scenes vine of our session!

Next we moved across the street from the nature preserve where we were shooting to a different park in order to use one of our favorite bridges.  There we produced this photo that we will leave you with…

openly admiring alayna

All in all we had a great day and enjoyed hanging out with Alayna and her grandma!  You can see why we are “openly admiring” her and we hope you enjoyed the highlights from her session!  🙂


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