A Sunny Sensational Senior Morning With Sid!

We definitely had a sunny sensational senior morning with Sid!  What an impressive, smart and engaging young man!  Sid is a busy guy with tennis and school and it took us a while to get a day that worked for all of us, but we finally made it work and our conditions were sunny and sensational – even if it was a little chilly out!  Like 30 degrees chilly!

We started on location on some trails and got this shot first against the tree…

Sunny Sensational Senior

You can see that we had some great backlight to work with there!  There were also some nice fall colors around which we see in the leaves surrounding Sid in this next spot.  We went to a different location on another trail where we came across a nice flat rock and we had been chatting about how when we find a new spot with a senior we name it for them.  That’s when Sid chimed in saying “Hey it’s Sid’s Slab!!!”  We love it!  Here is a shot of Sid on Sid’s Slab!  Haha!

Sunny Sensational Senior

Next we’ll share our fun behind the scenes vine of our morning…

Next it was time to head back to the studio for some photos indoors (and to warm up a little).  Here we started with the grey background which we really like for formal shots in suits and ties.  Sid nailed it and Ally always says she loves when the guys wear pink…

Sunny Sensational Senior

Lastly we broke out the black background which we are always fond of for this one:

Sunny Sensational Senior

Great times!  We look forward to big things from Sid and we had a sensational sunny morning with him on this session!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights from our day!

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