O Juliet We Just Love Your Senior Session!

O Juliet we just LOVE your senior session!  That’s the truth.  We had amazing fall colors, a new outdoor prop we never used before, a great girl and a great mom and our results speak for themselves.  Juliet is a sweetheart and a really impressive girl with big plans and a clear head on her shoulders.  We can’t wait to see what she is going to accomplish with her life!  But for now let’s focus on the wonderful morning we spent with her!

We started on location where the fall colors were at their absolute peak – just look at this wall of color, and we love Juliet in the maroon dress – she looks beautiful, confident and content here.

O Juliet

We spent a little more time in the natural setting but we also got some really cool urban photos – and then the studio shots are amazing too….  We want to get to all of that so let’s move on.  🙂  Our next photo is just a fun engaging photo of Juliet on some steps which we think brings out her personality.

O Juliet

Here is our fun behind the scenes vine of the morning…  🙂

Now we’ll take a look at the spot we hadn’t used.  This outdoor “prop/barrel/tube thing” looks so cool in black and white – love this.  We’ll call it “senior in a circle” haha!

Senior in a circle

Lastly we headed back to the studio where we went with our black and blowy set up and we have to say that Juliet nailed this shot.  Like it was made for her – so dramatic and pretty!

High School Senior Girl - "O Juliet"

And that concludes our highlights of this session, even though we could have easily kept going – no shortage of amazing photos of this girl from that morning…  We hope you enjoyed them!


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