Alison Appears In Our “Brand New” Meadow!

We have mentioned that lately we have had some great success exploring brand new locations for senior sessions…  Granted they aren’t “brand new” exactly – certainly they were there for some time, but they certainly are new to us and they have us so excited!!!  We have found at least five new trails off the top of our heads in parks that we’ve been to plenty of times before, and they’ve led to great new streams, trees, and bridges.  But maybe the best find so far was Alison’s meadow – it was right under our nose and we never knew it.  More on that in a sec…

First let’s talk about Alison.  What a nice girl – beautiful inside and out.  Her mom came with us on the session and we really enjoyed them both!  We focused most of her session on location which we will highlight here.  First we went to a trail that we’ve used before where the fall colors were starting to pop.


Alison looks great here!  Now you can’t quite see it in the photo above, but a little further along that path it goes uphill a bit, and we thought we would take a little walk to see what was over the ridge…    Well lo and behold it opened up into a huge multicolored meadow that took our breath away!  Since she was the first one in the meadow we’ll now call it “Alison’s meadow” which is how we roll here at Frameable Faces.  🙂


Wow right???  Here is our behind the scenes vine from the session where you can get a glimpse of how much fun we were having…

As a little sidebar we even came across this big snapping turtle hanging out on the side of the trail!  I took a quick photo with my iPhone…

snapping turtle

Beyond the meadow there were more trails and a random bench that we took advantage of for this next one…


So pretty!  We’ll leave you with this last one with a little water in the background.  Love the fall colors reflecting in the water, and love Alison’s relaxed pose in the grass…


Yes – this was a spectacular session we have to say, and we’re glad we got to experience the new location with Alison and her mom!

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