No Sun? No Problem For Sara’s Superb Session!

Sara had a great session here recently on an afternoon that gave us a completely overcast sky.  Logic might tell you that you want “nice” weather outside for senior pictures with lots of sunshine, but we promise we are not just trying to make our seniors feel better when we say overcast skies are perfect for shooting!  When the light is not coming from just one direction than you can photograph in any direction and choose any angle you like!  Diffused light is great light, and that’s what we had for Sara.  So, no sun?  No problem!

We’ll get to the outdoor stuff in a sec, but first let’s take a peak at a studio shot we did on the black background.  This is our black and blowy setup, and even though her hair isn’t totally “blowy” it’s only because of her beautiful thick curls, and don’t her eyes look incredible?  This would be a good time to give a shout out to Shifra Raskin whose studio is right down the hall from us for the wonderful job on Sara’s makeup.

no sun no problem

Next it was time to head outside where Sara’s mom met us for the location shoot.  Sara’s mom is funny, and we also have to mention that Sara is clearly well liked because on at least two separate occasions around the time of her session when telling someone we were photographing her the response was “Oh I LOVE Sara!!!”

no sun no problem

As you are starting to see with these October photos we are starting to get a lot more fall colors and we had some here for Sara!  You would never know it was a “dreary” day – the setting looks great, the lighting looks great, and Sara looks great!  This ground level bridge is a nice little recent find as well…

no sun no problem

Here is our fun behind the scenes vine of the afternoon!

And lastly we’ll leave you with this one – the beautiful fall orange and the beautiful eyes…

no sun no problem

So there it is!  We had a great day with Sara – and as we said, no sun?  No problem!


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