Planning For This Killer Session Was Key With Kyle!

Kyle’s killer session was a classic example of how good planning leads to great results!  We’ve known his parents for some time and we explained to them when they called to schedule Kyle’s senior pictures how important it would be to meet for a consultation to plan the session.  If you don’t meet ahead of time there will inevitably be general disorganization and cluelessness about what we’re doing and where we’re going on the day of the session…  With Kyle what came out of the meeting was that we wanted to get some natural photos with the fall colors and gritty urban shots.  So by planning our timeline and locations we were able to cover a lot of ground and finish right on schedule!

Kyle is a great kid and when both his mom and dad joined us on his session we were excited!  We had a lot of laughs, and we got some great photos!  We met on location first to get the nature shots – here’s one of them:

Killer Session

Pontiac is always a good idea for gritty urban photos for a high school senior.  It’s a cool city with a bunch of hidden treasures and while it has had its share of tough times and it might not be the shiny cosmopolitan locale that some of its neighbors are, Pontiac is a tough and resilient town and we love being there.  We have had some of our favorite senior sessions there and Kyle’s was no exception.  These next two photos were taken there:

Killer Session

Ally loves the way this next one highlights Kyle’s eyes…

Killer Session

Here is our fun behind the scenes vine with a couple quick highlights from the morning!

Finally we headed back to the studio (right on schedule I might add) and grabbed a few shots indoors – we’ll leave you with this one on the grey.

Killer Session

So there you have it!  Kyle’s killer senior session where planning made perfect!

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