Just A Great Hangout With Jeremy!

Just a great hangout with Jeremy is what his senior session felt like!  Sometimes those are the best sessions.  Sure we are taking pictures and the senior is posing and changing clothes a few times, but when you’re just having a good time hanging out talking about life, and in this case a lot of American history which Jeremy and I have a common interest in, then it just feels like hanging out with a buddy.  Meanwhile Jeremy’s older brother Devin was here last year with his mom for a memorable senior session as well, so we were excited to have them back!

We had a lot of laughs and we’ll get to that a little later, but for now let’s just start with some great location shots…

Great Hangout

The colors are changing on a daily basis at this point which is obviously a photographer’s dream.  We love the reds, oranges, browns and yellows we get in the trees here in Michigan, and we had a great morning to be outside on this day!  This has been a good spot for us with the water in the background and Jeremy just looks relaxed and at ease don’t you think?

Next we hit some trails and captured this photo with this little triple tree…

Great Hangout

Here is our fun behind the scenes vine and here is where we get to a few of those laughs I mentioned.  Jeremy’s brother had a fun silly photo that came out of his session so we stopped at the store for a little Hubba Bubba to try to top it.  Haha!

Next we changed locations to go to one of our meadows…

Great Hangout

And then we changed locations yet again to go to one of our favorite bridges and this time we’re presenting it in black and white – just a cool classic and dramatic shot of our guy here…

Great Hangout

So there it is!  Simple – a great hangout with a great guy with a great mom and, of course, great results!!!  Hope you enjoyed these photos of Jeremy!

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