How Do We Spell Style? J-O-R-D-A-N Of Course!

Photographing a guy who can rock a session like Jordan is a treat.  What a great kid.  And apparently the rest of the world shares our opinion because Jordan seems to know everyone around here and everyone knows him!  We knew this was going to be a good photo shoot and his mom came along to hang with us for the afternoon.  We had a blast.  The guy knows fashion, knows how to pose and has a great look so the session really came together nicely.  This is not totally by accident either since Jordan is considering a career in fashion.  So when asked how we spell style around here we’ll just answer J-O-R-D-A-N from now on!

First we started in the studio for one of several GQ looks that we love with the suit and tie this time on the black background…

We Spell Style

Then after some additional studio work we headed outside for what turned out to be a perfect fall day.  We went mostly for the natural look and we started out with this pathway through one of the meadows that we love:

We Spell Style

Here is our fun behind the scenes three part vine from the day!

Next we headed over to one of our favorite bridges for this one…

We Spell Style

Catalogue material right?  The boy knows how to dress and how to pose.  This last photo is a unique one with the hoodie and Jordan standing in the road – we love this.

We Spell Style

So how do we spell style again?  Oh yeah – J-O-R-D-A-N!  And now you know why.  We hope you enjoyed these sneak peeks from his outstanding senior session!  We certainly enjoyed our afternoon with Jordan!


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