A “Senior Session Rhapsody” With Raina!

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The word “rhapsody” works on several levels for Raina’s outstanding senior session!  Let’s count a few of the ways shall we?

  1. The idea of photographing Raina once we met this sweetheart and her mom was “music to our ears”
  2. She can play a rhapsody on her cello which she included in her session (as a former cello player myself this made her session extra special for me).
  3. Photos aren’t “written or spoken” per se but they can certainly be an expression of “great enthusiasm, praise, etc.” and we have great enthusiasm for Raina’s session!

So yes, we think it’s appropriate to present a few highlights from what we are calling a “senior session rhapsody” with Raina!

We started in the studio on the black background with our “black and blowy” setup that we love:

senior session rhapsody

We love the black and white stripes of her blouse against the black background, and her eyes look amazing!

Next we headed outside and we captured some shots in the park as well as in the city.  Let’s look at a photo from the park first…

senior session rhapsody

Beautiful right?  Now let’s take a look at our fun behind the scenes vine where the cello makes an appearance!

Next it was time to head to the city for a cosmopolitan look – Raina looked at ease in all the settings!

senior session rhapsody

And finally the grand finale with the cello!  Love this photo with the fountain in the background!

senior session rhapsody

So there you have it!  Our senior session rhapsody with Raina!  We really enjoyed our time with Raina and her mom and we finished it off with a group hug!  We hope you enjoyed these photos from such a wonderful afternoon!

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