A Melodic Senior Session With Matt!

Our 2015 seniors continue with a melodic senior session with Matt!  What a great guy – his mom joined us on the session and their interaction was really cute – just cool and enjoyable and they have a great relationship.  Matt is a mature and laid back gentleman!

Meanwhile they took us to a new spot we never knew existed right under our noses not far from where we live!  I mentioned in the blog post for our last senior that lately some of our explorations have been more rewarding than usual and this was one of those.  A long raised pathway through the woods that ends as a dock on a small lake.  Such an awesome location and we were shocked!  We’ll get to that later.  In the meantime let’s start with a photo in the studio on the black background which was how we started our afternoon…

melodic senior session

Next it was time to head outside and explore a little.  Interestingly enough we made a stop at the same spot we hit with our last session but there are several different options at that location that we didn’t highlight in the last post, starting with this one looking out of the tunnel and down the pathway.  It makes for a really cool lighting effect!

melodic senior session

Then we used the adjacent stairs for this close crop – now that’s a good looking kid right?

melodic senior session

Now here is the melodic part – it’s our fun behind the scenes vine of the session including a little musical interlude by Matt at the end of our newfound dock!

And the resulting photo…

melodic senior session

So there it is!  New spots, guitars, great guy to photograph – that’s a pretty good day in our book.  We hope you enjoyed these sneak peeks from Matt’s session!


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