Bringing A Cool Spot Back With Becca!

We are always on the lookout for cool new locations for senior sessions and it seems lately some of our explorations have been more rewarding than usual.  New meadows, pathways and bridges get us excited!  But once in a while during a consultation a senior sees something on our iPad that we hadn’t thought about in a while and leads us back to a spot that we get to see in a whole new way!  Becca did that for us when she chose this very cool tunnel that we hadn’t been to in years.  So yes – we are bringing a cool spot back with Becca!

We’ve also mastered a few new lighting tricks since the last time we were here, and we love the way this one came out:

Bringing A Cool Spot Back

So cool – and Becca looks great!  There is also a cool outdoor staircase right by the tunnel which we took advantage of.  Any location that has a couple of different looks in close proximity is a bonus.

Bringing A Cool Spot Back

Here is our fun behind the scenes vine that we made from this location before we headed back to the studio…

Next it was time to head back and get some studio shots.  Becca liked the purple which is fun – it looks great but we don’t use it a ton.  We love Becca on this color!

Bringing A Cool Spot Back

We finished up on the white background and this is one of those shots that just begs to be made into a black and white.  It just looks cool – Becca looks totally in control here – love the pose and love the attitude!

Bringing A Cool Spot Back

And that’ll do it for now – another fantastic senior and fantastic senior session!  We hope you enjoyed these sneak peeks!

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