Melanie’s Gorgeous Golden Afternoon!

Melanie’s gorgeous golden afternoon was a memorable one to be sure.  Gorgeous because of the weather, the locations, and, well…. Melanie of course!  Golden as in the standard, going for the best, and medals – lots of them!

Golden Afternoon

Now that’s a lot of gold!  Melanie is clearly an accomplished gymnast with all of that hardware and it’s fun to have seniors show off their achievements!  We started out the session in the studio and we were able to get some great photos in addition to the medal shot.  Then it was time to take it outside where we had some fantastic light and the locations were awesome!

First we went to one of our favorite meadows where plenty of flowering is going on these days.  This is a beautiful time of year and you’ll see us posting plenty of photos of this style as we go along.  As for Melanie, she looks right at home and comfortable in this natural and pretty setting!  The backlight on her hair is just beautiful!

Golden Afternoon

We would also like to give a little shout out to Shifra Raskin for Melanie’s makeup down the hall from our studio at Style The Salon!  Here is our fun behind the scenes vine of the afternoon including the never-before done “double dock shot”!  Haha!

Next we went to her home where we used some pretty landscaping.  Just a really nice lush green environment which makes the peach colored dress really pop…  Golden Afternoon

Lastly, we captured what is turning out to be one of our favorite water shots of all time!  What a trooper to be in the water that deep in the dress, and Melanie makes it look effortless.  What a great photo to finish up the session with!

Golden AfternoonWe are totally in love with that one.  This session was worthy of gold indeed – we had a great time with Melanie and we hope you enjoyed the highlights from her session!

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