Patience and Prettiness With Katie!

Patience and prettiness are both virtues right?  Katie has both and they are both reasons she will always have a special place in our hearts.  Let me explain…

Each year we put a lot of fun (it doesn’t feel like work) into preparing for our new class of seniors.  We come up with themes and new approaches, we up our game on our instagrams or vines and prepare prepare prepare.  We photograph some spokesmodels over the winter and put it all out there in anticipation of a whole new round of new seniors and new friends.  And then the calls start coming – and Katie’s mom made the first official call of the class of 2015 looking to book a session for senior pictures!  That first call is always one we will remember.  And then her date came… and so did the rain!  So we had to reschedule her for after camp, but as you’ll see here – it was worth the wait!

Patience and Prettiness

People ask about photographing at Cranbrook but there are restrictions.  One of the exceptions involves being a student there which Katie is and we were able to take advantage of the wonderful settings on campus there.  Our lighting and conditions were perfect, and Katie looked beautiful!

Patience and Prettiness

Here is our fun behind the scenes vine with a couple of highlights from the afternoon:

Next is a photo from the pretty little red bridge you see in the vine – love it!

Patience and Prettiness

Lastly we’ll leave you with this unique close up – the effect of the colorful garden in the background framing Katie’s face is so cool!  Prettiness for sure!

Patience and Prettiness

So you can see that patience paid off and prettiness was the result!  We enjoyed our time with Katie and we hope you enjoyed these sneak peek photos from her session!


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