Elated To Be With Ellery Again!

Elated to be with Ellery again was how we felt about her senior session!  We have had a fun year getting to know her as a spokesmodel for our studio and we were looking forward to this!  Her spokesmodel session took place during the brutal winter we had at the beginning of the year, and it was completely indoors but the results were so spectacular that she didn’t feel the need to do any more studio work so this time we went all outdoors and it certainly paid off…

Ellery Again

Ellery aspires to sing and model which she has been working on, and when it comes to posing for photos she really is incredible.  Many of our seniors are great at posing – that’s not unusual, but Ellery is clearly talented in this regard.  Ally never has to give her much direction since Ellery knows how to stand, turn, smile, not smile – it’s so easy with her.  The conditions were perfect on this day and Ellery was looking great!  We love the way she rocks the serious look…

Ellery Again

Here is our behind the scenes vine of the day and as you will see the photo above was actually taken on a covered bridge which is how the cool wooden pathway Ellery is standing on comes into play:

This next shot is a lot of fun – sometimes you just capture a moment that isn’t posed or really planned and it just works.  Ellery is just in the moment here – having fun, happy and free and that’s how we like to see her!  It’s just great.

Ellery Again

We’ll leave you with one more playful shot in this pretty red dress…

Ellery Again

All in all it was another great day with Ellery – we hope you enjoyed the highlights!

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