Noah’s Future Is Extremely Bright!

Noah’s future is extremely bright indeed!  Fresh from a summer studying out on the West Coast, we spent a morning with him for his senior session and found him to be a pretty impressive guy who really has it together.

Noah's Future

This was a session of firsts for us since we found a couple new spots that we had never used before.  For example the barn in the photo above we have photographed many times before but for whatever reason we had not ventured around to the back of it where this cool little wall is, and we love the broken wood down in the corner.  The photo works even better with Noah because he’s a tall guy, and we also love to position seniors off center on a wall like this.  As you will see in our behind the scenes vine below we’ll even have them “look off to their future” for the shot!!!  Haha!

See?  We told you he has a bright future!  We then grabbed a shot in between some nearby trees and we love the way this one turned out…

Noah's Future

Then we did a little venturing off the beaten path where we found the cool little bridge that you see in the vine.  It is a ground level bridge with a little creek running below it and it’s perfect!  Of course now it’s going to be “Noah’s bridge” going forward since that’s how we roll.

Noah's Future

So after a very successful outing on location we came back to the studio for a couple last shots and got this great one on the simple white background.

Noah's Future

Once again, we are glad we met Noah – great kid (not to mention great parents) and we look forward to big things from him.  We hope you enjoyed these photos from his session!

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