A Joyous Senior Session With Jubilee!

We knew we were in store for a joyous senior session with Jubilee because this girl makes us smile every time we are with her!  When you look up the word “jubilee” in the dictionary you see words like “celebration” and “rejoicing” and words like that are fitting when she’s around.  She just lights up the room when she walks in – so at the risk of embarrassing her, yes – we like to gush about her!

You might remember Jubilee from her spokesmodel session earlier this year and we have been so happy to have her representing our studio.  At that time we wanted to focus the location portion of the shoot on an urban theme, so this time around we spent most of the session with a pretty and natural setting which we did at a private location.

joyous senior

We had a lot of fun together on this morning, and we had a little luck too because the forecast was not looking good as of the day before, but it cleared up and we had a perfect morning after all.  Even Jubilee’s pup Simba got into one of the photos!

joyous senior

We’ll leave you with one more shot on location before we head back to the studio to wrap it up….  So beautiful with the waterfall in the background!

joyous senior

Here is our fun behind the scenes vine of the morning…

As you can see in the vine we played with fire as we often do when we got back to the studio!  We also acquired a new chair which we were anxious to break in and Jubilee really wanted to be the first – so as we always do we name a new spot or prop after the first senior to use it.  So now it’s “Jubilee’s chair” (even though Reflecto tried to claim it first)!

joyous senior

So there you have it!  We hope you enjoyed these highlights from Jubilee’s Joyous Senior Session!  We certainly did!

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