Maddy The Bat Mitzvah Model!

We had so much fun with Maddy the Bat Mitzvah model recently!  This photo session was a collaboration with Guys N Gals here in the mall since Ms. Maddy’s dress was designed and special ordered from them.  We had to keep these photos under wraps until after the big event since these images were on display for all to see at her party, “Club Maddy”!

Bat Mitzvah Model

First Maddy went to Guys N Gals where she was able to try on various dresses for style and size…

Dress selection

Then she picked out the type and color of fabric she liked…

Color fabric swatches

And here is the fabulous result!!!  Beautiful!!!

Bat Mitzvah Model

A Bar or Bat Mitzvah is really such a special time for a young person and their family, and a professional photo shoot is a fun and unique way to mark the occasion!  The images are great for decorations at the party and they can be based on the theme for the party as well.  The photo session itself can also be a great gift!  Here are a couple more photos from Maddy’s awesome session!

Bat Mitzvah Model

Bat Mitzvah Model

While we are at it… I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention that we are now available to photograph your upcoming event!  In the past if we were asked if we photographed mitzvahs our answer was “not really…”.  For starters it was too difficult to work on weekend nights since we have kids of our own.  So now our event photographer Angela is available and has photographed several bar and bat mitzvahs for us and she has done a fantastic job just as we knew she would!  There will be more details and photos on this to come and in the meantime Angela is available so call us and you can come to the studio to meet her!



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