Hanging Out With Mitchell (and Teddy) – a Boy and His Dog!

Hanging out with Mitchell (and Teddy) was really a great time!  It’s always fun when pets are included in a senior session and this was no exception.  Mitchell is a great guy – a personable and accomplished young man and his dog Teddy is not so bad either!  Let’s take a look…

We started off in the studio with a suit coat and dress shirt in front of the grey background.  We usually like at least one formal look like this one for the guys and Mitchell has a cool confidence that comes through in this photo.

Hanging Out With Mitchell

Then we headed out on location – in this case to Mitchell’s house where we met Teddy, Mitchell’s pup and Mitchell’s delightful mom hung out with us as well.  Teddy was pretty funny sprinting around in circles and generally having a blast of a time!  There were a few really nice textures and backgrounds for us to work with there and Mitchell did a great job.

Hanging Out With Mitchell

Hanging Out With Mitchell

Here is our fun behind the scenes vine of the session:

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    1. Doug Post author

      Thanks Janice! I am loving your macro photography on your blog by the way – for the most part you have become my intro to the style and I dig your work. 🙂

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