Springtime Spokesmodeling With Gabrielle!

Yes let me repeat that title – SPRINGTIME spokesmodeling with Gabrielle!  We finally got a picture with some green in it for our last (but definitely not least) spokesmodel from the upcoming senior class of 2015!  We have put a wrap on our spokesmodel sessions and now we are preparing for senior photo sessions starting next month.  Yes we have already started booking them and no it’s not too early to get on the schedule for yours!  So with that said, let us get to a few stunning photos from Gabrielle’s session shall we?

Springtime Spokesmodeling

We have actually photographed Gabrielle before and gotten to know her family over the last couple years which always adds another element of fun for us.  As with every one of our female spokesmodels this year we started out in the studio briefly with our “black and blowy” set up which is always a winner.  Gabrielle landed this shot with perfection!

Next we went outside on what started out as a rainy day which we were a little nervous about.  The color came a little late this year with the brutal winter we had and it was this day or bust based on our schedules.  But the sun did indeed come out and we also had the advantage of an assistant and location scout on this shoot – Gabrielle’s boyfriend J. Edward!  That was a first for us and he really added to the proceedings.  What a great guy and a great help on the session!

Springtime Spokesmodeling

Ahhhh – now doesn’t that look nice?  Here is our fun behind the scenes vine from the day:

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