Now Appearing…..Erin!

Erin is another one of our class of 2014 spokesmodels and boy is she a drama queen – as in a fantastically talented stage actor!!!  Anyone who saw her in the stage adaptation of Ragtime last year as Evelyn Nesbit at West Bloomfield High School saw that she nearly stole the show, and this year she will be taking on the role of Scout in To Kill A Mockingbird.  We are so excited for her and cannot wait to see her performance!

High School Senior Portraits

Erin’s spokesmodel session back in March took place exclusively in the studio so we spent the whole evening for her senior session on location starting at the Franklin Cider Mill.  Such a classic locale!

High School Senior Portrait

Next we set out to capture some cityscapes…

Erin’s session proved to include an exquisite flair for the dramatic which you will see in these images as she stepped out into the night.  We used our new Westcott Ice Light for some dramatic lighting after the sun went down (we like to call this powerful little piece of equipment the “light saber”) and as a side note for you photographers Ally will be featured as a guest blogger on MCP Actions with a 2 part tutorial on tips for using the Ice Light soon!  So, as we set out with our “light saber” and while the International Space Station floated across the night sky above us there was some serious beauty going on down here on Earth!

High School Senior PortraitHigh School Senior Portraits

The sky, the moon, the sun and the stars are the limit for this girl – we think she’s destined to be a star herself!  We’ll just be happy to say “we knew her when…”  🙂

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