Kyla Gets Her Day!

This is actually “part 1” of a two-part post since Kyla is a twin and her twin brother Noah will be coming soon as “part 2”.  We split up the sessions due to scheduling but Kyla will make an appearance in Noah’s session when we take a few photos of the two of them together.  We’re looking forward to that!

High School Senior Portrait

Meanwhile this day was all about Kyla and we were more than happy to focus on her for a few hours – what a sweetheart and totally adorable!  Kyla and Noah have another pair of twin brothers, so with Kyla being one girl to three boys it was fitting that she get her own day right?

We started in the studio with the black backdrop – no props save for just a black stool – simple and dramatic…

High School Senior Picture

Then we went outside on location and the conditions were perfect!  It’s been an unseasonably warm October which has been really nice for our seniors.

The backlight on Kyla’s hair was perfect and helped to make for some spectacular images!  We had a blast with Kyla and her mom – another great day with another great senior!  Take a look at a couple of these great shots in a meadow!  Enjoy!

High School Senior PictureHigh School Senior Portrait

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