“You must’ve been a beautiful baaaby”

That’s what people are going to say about this princess when she gets older. She is a BEAUTIFUL baby! And what a sweetheart, too. I think I fell in love with her the second I saw her. She was cuddled up on her daddy’s shoulder and gave me a coy little smile when she first got here. That was it! She stole my heart!

She was a bit tired because we ended up shooting right in the middle of naptime, so since they were a “basic plus” session, we were able to split the session. So she’ll be back on Wednesday. I can’t wait!!

OH!! One more cute “A” anecdote, I was bouncing her on my knees and she was cracking up, no naturally, I gave her a little smushin’. Would you believe that sweet little baby reached up and grabbed my face and pulled me closer! OMG!!! She’s so freakin’ sweet!!!!

Ok, that’s it for now! Be on the look out later on this week for more from the sweet little princess “A”!

Until next time,

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