The ‘N’ Family

I loved working with these guys! They were all cracking me up, and even though they’re all beautiful, each one of them had something extraordinarily gorgeous about themselves. “S” showed how much he was completely and totally in love with his wife and their family. It was the sweetest thing! “E” is just totally innately a stunning lady. Everything about her is pretty. Her smile, her eyes, her skin, her smile….EVERYTHING!!!

It’s no wonder that from these two parent’s they got three of the most amazing children! “A” is an awesome brother. He was up for anything and was such an awesome model for me! What a cutie – Watch out ladies!!! 🙂 “H” is a very smart young lady! We had a really great conversation about art and paintings…even told her I’d bring in some signed prints from a friend of mine who’s an amazing artist. Plus, “H” has the prettiest eyes! Her eye color is just exquisite. And she’s such a little ham, too! I have a few of her hamming it up for the camera!

And then we get to Miss “A”….This little girl had me cracking up almost the entire session. She was doing all sorts of little things to get everyone laughing. And not just the bunny ears behind everyone’s heads. She’s a really funny kid! I worked with her and “H” for dance pictures and A was cracking me up even then!!

So, I had another great day with some great clients. Families like these makes me really really appreciate my job! Did I mention recently that I LOVE MY JOB???

Until next time,

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