What a beautiful family!

Meet the C’s – J, A and P. Their parent’s won a session with me at a school silent auction. It’s pretty funny, since my daughter and A are in the same class! Since I first met A, I’ve wanted to photograph her. She’s a beautiful girl! Her long flowing hair reminds me of Rapunzel, but this Princess is not stuck in a tower! She’s totally down to earth!

Big sister, J is drop dead gorgeous! Very sweet and brilliant, as well! She’s off to college in the fall to a pretty prestigious school. Lots to be proud of in her house!

And then there’s baby P. What a cutie pie! I was giving him little tickles and he was giving me the biggest belly laughs. You know the kind that make you laugh right along with him?!

This was one of my easiest photo sessions. They were so easy to work with and made my time shooting so much fun!

Thanks for a great couple hours, J, A and P! You guys were a blast!

Be on the look out for a very pretty new mommy-to-be! I’ll be posting some sneak peaks of T probably tomorrow!

Until next time,


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