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Ally’s Niece Gets Her Turn In The Spotlight!

Hi it’s Ally here!  It’s pretty rare that I write blog posts – I usually let Doug do that because I think he just does it better.  But this time, I had to take his job over.  Just for a bit…..

Child Portrait
See, this is my niece.  She is three and I affectionately call her my “demon baby.”  I don’t call her a demon because she is BAD per se, but because from the moment she was born, she has just been very strong willed and opinionated.  She just plain cracks me up.  Remember that poem, “There once was a little girl, who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead.”  Well, that’s my demon baby.  When she is good, she is very good (and crazy sweet!)  But when she is bad, she is horrid!!!  But she is the kind of “horrid” that makes you laugh!  She is so funny!!!
This was just a mini impromptu photo session with her and I think she did pretty well!  Except that we did get into a little fight.  I wanted her to wear the pretty blue sparkly hat with the pink flower.  Or even the silver hat!  But NOOOO….she wanted to wear the simple beige hat.  I guess sometimes you just need to pick your battles.  And heaven forbid we put down the sucker for a minute!!!!  At least she is cute!!!!!
And who knows!?  We have photos of her big brothers in the studio.  Maybe it is time for the demon baby to make her public Frameable Faces debut too on our wall somewhere!  It will be so hard for me to pick a favorite though.  There are just too many yummy delicious images to choose from!  So, Frameables, meet my most favorite, prettiest and sweetest “demon.”  Enjoy her deliciousness!!!!!

Newborn and Family Photos – Meet the L family with new Princess V!

Such major sweetness graced us in the studio a few days ago!  Meet Princess V!

Newborn Photo in parents hands, Frameable Faces Photography
She was 8 days old and all yumminess!!! AND she brought in her two big sisters, too!3 little sisters, Frameable Faces Photography
We were lucky enough to photograph Little Miss L’s newborn photos about 2 years ago – and to say that J and K make some GORGEOUS babies would be a serious understatement!  But then again, look at them!!  I guess that’s what happens when you have a beautiful (and super sweet) Mom and a handsome (and hilarious!) Dad!
Family Photo, Frameable Faces Photography
Sure, it took a little while to get some of these images of V, but it was totally worth it!!!  And Ally got to have her baby fix, too.  Everyone was happy!!!Sleeping baby, Frameable Faces Photography

Pretty as a flower, “I” ‘s session

Last week, I had the fabulous pleasure of photographing “I”. She was my second session on a very hectic day. And I was so worried that her session wouldn’t go well based on everything that happened during the morning! WOW, was I wrong! After the addition of some new lights, since the old ones exploded earlier that day, I captured Miss Personality. She even brought her friend along with her for some fun shots.

So, here’s Lady “I.” She was a blast and totally ended my day on a high note. I was SO very thankful!

Until next time,

Look at these eyes!

I had this session with sweet little E on Sunday. She came in and was a bit sad, but had some food and all was good! She was clowning around in front of the camera for a good long time! I got a bunch of really great shots. I’m hoping to use some of cute little E in my marketing in the coming year. She was so much fun!

Until next time,

How much cuter can you get??

On Friday, I was super lucky to work with A and T. When they walked into the studio, I was SO excited to photograph them for their Christmas cards. What absolutely gorgeous children! And what little personalities. A is a little mommy – very sweet to her little brother, and T was making me laugh the entire time! What a little ham!

I love when my sessions are like this! Sweet kiddos, fun parents. I love my job!

Until next time,

“Z” Sneak Peak

Couldn’t help that play on words there! This is the Z family. What a fun session to have! Even Grandma R got in on it! I and L are incredibly full of personality as you can clearly see, and E,M and R (who just happen to be great friends of ours!) were naturals in front of the camera.

They just had to get into the studio during November so they could participate in the promotion. So great and very much appreciated! At the end of the day, L discovered my cute pink pettis and donned one for her own little mini mini session. So much fun!!!

Everyone had a great time in the studio and during the session…Be on the lookout for these guys! They’re all destined for GREAT things!!

Until next time,

The C’s Sneak Peak

Today was my first day in my new studio! What a great day, too! I’m right across the hall from a dance studio so I get to see a bunch of cute kids running around and laughing. I love that! There’s really not much better than the genuine laugh of a little kid!

I also got to photograph my friend’s J and A’s little ones! They were so much fun! M finally smiled for me! I’ve only been photographing him, his brother A and their sister H for what? Like 3 years or so! So M brought his adorable personality with him, A is ALWAYS smiling and is such a ham in front of the camera and what can I say about H?! She’s a natural! Helped me out by posing her little brothers and acting like such a little mommy! She was awesome!

Just to remind you, this whole month, I’m donating 15% of my sales to Gilda’s Club in honor of my friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Make sure you come on in and help out! You’ll feel so good giving a gift for the holidays that pulls double duty!

Until next time…which is really, REALLY soon!!!

One of my favorite babies in my new studio space!

Did you know that I’m running an amazing special in November? I’m donating 15% of my gross sales to Gilda’s Club in honor of a friend of mine who’s fighting breast cancer. She’s going to win, I know, but it still hits too close to home for me. This is the least I can do for her!

So, that being said, I’ve begun moving myself into my amazing studio space at the Orchard Mall in West Bloomfield. Today, I got to spend a little bit of one on one time (well as one on one as you can get…my sister was there!!) with my nephew G.

When I say that G is one of my all time favorite babies, I’m serious. This little guy had me from hello. Whenever I see him, my face lights up and I just get all soft and mushy. I’m pretty sure he feels the same way. I love this kid!

These are just a few of him. I know they’re similar poses but his expressions are priceless. I firmly believe that he’s probably one of THE happiest, fattest, squishable babies ever!

Enjoy “Heavy G!” I know I do!

Until next time,

The T family’s sneak peak

I love these guys! I’ve known C and C since they were born and they’re like my own kids. When A called me and asked me to photograph her family, I immediately said YES! I love working with her and her amazing husband, J. We always have a blast when we work together.

C is a budding little model and is so darned creative – we were able to take a bunch more of her that aren’t getting posted here…You’ll have to check out the Frameable Faces group on Facebook to see those!! She’s an amazing dancer and is so much fun to be around. Little C is all boy. Completely full of energy and continually makes me laugh…even when he’s “acting up!” I love this image of him…it describes his attitude of our session this time to a “T!” But then, he turns that little frown upside down and is full of sweetness and amazing expressions!

So, that’s it for right now! More to come soon!! Thanks for checking in…

Until next time,

Is she stunning or what???

So yesterday I spent four, YES FOUR, hours shooting L. She’s an unbelivable senior model and I had the absolute BEST time photographing her. I’ve officially made up my mind…Seniors are my favorite subjects to photograph!

L had another session right before mine and we agreed that we’d meet at her house to go over some outfits. We picked a bunch of great ones and we were off. We went to a construction site and the workers there were all about watching us work instead of doing theirs! I got to even shoot at my old high school, since she’s a student there and captain of the Pom squad! OH! I almost forgot to add that she’s a 4.0 student AND gorgeous, too! Talk about having it all!!!

I definitely have my favorites, and there’s still more that I have to complete, but I thought I’d start you all off with these few. If you want to see the rest, add me as a friend on Facebook (Ally Levine Cohen) with a note letting me know who you are and browse away!!

Anyone else wanting to be a senior model? Let me know! I’m putting together a great Senior Rep program, too, if you’re interested in chatting about that, too!

So, enjoy!

Until next time,