The “G” siblings…

To say that this session was a ton of fun would be an understatement. These three had me rolling! They were so funny and they all got along so well! You could definitely see how much they all loved each other and even better than that, they truly seemed to LIKE each other!

R is so funny and I feel like I’ve known him for a long time. He’s just so at ease with himself and his younger sister and brother. You can just tell that he’s the protector!

S is simply stunning. I could’ve taken pictures of her all day! Her long curly hair is so beautiful and she’s just a lovely young lady. Someone you could totally trust your kids with.

B is the ham of the group. This little man is all personality. He’s truly a funny little kid and the chemistry he had with the other two had me laughing all the way throughout their session.

I hope you enjoy the G’s as much as I did! Leave a comment!!! Thanks for looking!

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