A Couple Cute Cousins – SNEAK PEAK

Well, it’s really three, but that title sounded so much better! So these three came into the studio over the weekend. I is the oldest and she was the anchor of Z and Z. They both wanted to be right by her. It was very sweet. You could feel the love that they all had for each other!

This session is a gift for some very special people. So I was very honored to be able to have a part in it. Master “Z” – he could’ve been a Gap model. I loved his long blond hair and even though he was super silly (just like all 7 year old boys!) we had a great time together and got a bunch of super great images of him, too! His baby blues just POP out at you!

Miss “Z”…what a little personality! She was striking poses and was one of the easiest little girls I’ve ever worked with. She really knew how to work it out in front of the camera! Needless to say, I got a bunch of great images of her!

Ok, so, this image here of Miss “I,” she’s got such a beautiful smile, and I had a hard time deciding which image to use for the blog. This one was the winner. No smiles, BUT her eyes in this image are simply amazing. I feel like you can see right into her soul. Such beauty in this young lady!

I know that this session will produce an absolutely stunning gift. They’re going to have a hard choice to make and it’s going to be pretty hard to choose just one!

Until next time,

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