The C’s Sneak Peak

Today was my first day in my new studio! What a great day, too! I’m right across the hall from a dance studio so I get to see a bunch of cute kids running around and laughing. I love that! There’s really not much better than the genuine laugh of a little kid!

I also got to photograph my friend’s J and A’s little ones! They were so much fun! M finally smiled for me! I’ve only been photographing him, his brother A and their sister H for what? Like 3 years or so! So M brought his adorable personality with him, A is ALWAYS smiling and is such a ham in front of the camera and what can I say about H?! She’s a natural! Helped me out by posing her little brothers and acting like such a little mommy! She was awesome!

Just to remind you, this whole month, I’m donating 15% of my sales to Gilda’s Club in honor of my friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Make sure you come on in and help out! You’ll feel so good giving a gift for the holidays that pulls double duty!

Until next time…which is really, REALLY soon!!!

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