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Exploring Detroit With Cady On An Epic Senior Session For The Ages!

All of our high school senior sessions are special – our entire approach is based on it.  We meet with our seniors ahead of time to get to know them and we photograph well under 100 of them so each one is a favorite in some sort of way.  But once in a while the planets align for a senior we’ve known for their entire life and a truly unique experience happens.  That was the case with Cady, and I’ll explain….

An Epic Senior Session…

For starters yes – we have known Cady literally since she was born.  Our families go back for decades so this had that surreal element to it to begin with, and then the session just got better and better from there.  We’ll get to some of that in a minute…  First we did a little studio work including the set up with our Victorian style red couch and the wooden floor – love this:



Here is the behind the scenes replay from the Periscope broadcast we did during this setup.  If you want to join in future broadcasts and be a part of the fun you can do it from your smartphone here or you can just watch it from your computer at that link or on twitter.

Here’s a little bonus Facebook Live broadcast that we did of the black and blowy set up in the studio…

Exploring Detroit With Cady!

Here’s where things got even more awesome…  The more you photograph at a given location the better you get to know it and you start exploring a little.  You don’t need to pay attention to directions as much because you already know how to get there.  You can navigate the landscape with ease and let your eye wander towards new and exciting spots you didn’t see before.  We started at Belle Isle where we found some rocks by the water as well as a certain tree where the light was hitting just right and Cady was framed perfectly…



From there we had plans to head over to Eastern Market to find some murals but we stopped in the Warehouse District because I had a hunch there might be some cool stuff down there….  well, there was.


LOVE this shot!!!

Here is the behind the scenes Periscope from this part of the session….

Now it was time to head over to the Eastern Market where we were going to seek out some cool murals, but we got way more than we bargained for.  There were a couple of abandoned buildings that we noticed the last time we were down there and we wondered what opportunities might await us in a couple of them….  The one we picked was a gold mine of graffiti, debris, and general urban decay.  We could have stayed there all day!!!  And there were several other photographers crawling all over the place too – no wonder.

Here’s a little Facebook Live broadcast we did until I lost my signal….

As another little added bonus since we had no signal deep in this building, I included our snap story from the day – you can add us on Snapchat here!  Snap us back!

And we’ll leave you with one of the photos from the burned out building….


Just so awesome….  Cady looked amazing and we had so much fun discovering new spots – we could have stayed in Detroit all day!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights from our day!

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