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We Were VIKTORIOUS With Viktor On His Senior Session!

VIKTORIOUS!!!  That’s how we all felt after our day – Viktor, his parents & Ally and me!  Such a cool class of 2020 senior session with plenty of stuff we did on a whim and it all worked out!  From boutiques and restaurants around Birmingham who were more than happy to let us come in and take pics like Churchill’s and Teacups & Toys, a Pet Boutique, to great weather and just generally exploring, it was a flawless outing!  Viktor is a cool dude too which we knew – we’ve photographed him with the whole family and he hung out on big brother Maksim’s session too – so we were looking forward to this one with mom Susie and dad Mike whom I go back with over 40 years!


We focused on location photos for Viktor in Birmingham so let’s get to the highlights:
This one looks so cool in black and white – Viktor is the man!
We also have some fun behind the scenes on this one first from the Instagram Livestream – check it out!

Let’s get to a few more:
Such a cool spot with the ivy covered building!!!
The marquee of the Birmingham Theater is a pretty cool backdrop too.  Viktor crushed it.
Last but not least, we asked the folks at Churchill’s if we could come in and shoot and they were more than accommodating!  It was around 11 AM so it was well before the lunch crowd and we were in and out pretty fast.  We have photographed in the West Bloomfield location as well just across the street from our studio and they are really nice there.  Great big humidor and selection of spirits and a wonderful menu in Birmingham – highly recommended.  Here’s the behind the scenes from Facebook Live:

…..and the result:
SO cool right?
Yes a VIKTORIOUS day was had indeed, and we hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day!
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