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Well Hello Hakims! A Fave Frameable Family Of Ours!

We’ve had a couple of Hakims here in the studio before – Nadia and Aliya both had their senior portraits done here, and what a delight it was to have the whole fam back in the studio together for a family session!  Everyone looked great and we had a lot of fun!  So with these highlights we say hello Hakims!!!

Hello Hakims!

They were nicely coordinated with the maroon colors which look fabulous on the brown fabric background and we’ll start with the group portrait…

Hello HakimsWhat a crew.

We also have some fun behind the scenes action for you from our Facebook Live broadcast replay:

Now let’s get into a few fun groupings – first the sibs all together…

Hello Hakims


Next we have the happy couple:

Hello Hakims

How cute are they???

And we’ll end it with this fantastic shot of just these 4 stunning ladies!

Hello Hakims


So there you have it – we hope you enjoyed saying “Hello Hakims!” as much as we did!

Equipment used:

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Siblings Bubbles and Flowers!

Siblings bubbles and flowers can’t possibly be anything but pure wonderful right?  Right!  You may remember a post from back in December where we presented a family that was growing “right before our eyes” with maternity photos followed by the beautiful new little baby with her family?  Well they are back and a lot can happen in 6 months…  🙂

Siblings Bubbles and Flowers

Yes indeed babies bloom!  We love our little 6 month flower pot babies.  This little one was one of the easiest newborns to photograph we ever had and she was a joy again this time around!  Six months is a great milestone and we especially love it when the six month old brings an older sibling back with her!  Big brother did such an awesome job in this session!  Mom and Dad were not sure he would be totally into sitting in the right spot and posing for the pictures together with his sister but he totally rocked it.  It did not hurt that this little guy has an affinity for bubbles, and the parents were prepared.  Take a look at this little behind the scenes vine of the fun and check out her face while you do!  Priceless.