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Krista Brought Joe & Cutest Parents Jim & Jean By For A Special Session!

Krista and Joe have been to the studio a couple times before for various family photos – some with the kids, but never with just them and Krista’s parents Jim and Jean.  We are so happy they did this because it was much fun and just really so special!  You could just tell this meant a lot to all of them and the behind the scenes from Facebook and Snapchat will give you a sense of that.  Besides Jim and Jean were both a delight to have a little fun banter with – they were great on camera!  We nominate them in the category of Cutest Parents Ever.

Cutest Parents Ever!

These photos were all done in the studio with a couple of outfit changes for Krista and Joe so they could get a few photos together just the two of them.  But first we’re going to focus on the photos that include Jim and Jean, starting with a group photo:

Cutest Parents

Next we have this wonderful photo of Jim and Jean together…

Cutest Parents

So much love in that photo!  And here you can see just how much fun we were having in the behind the scenes livestream from Facebook Live!  Just click on the arrow in the middle of the image below.


We’ll share one of Krista and her mommy before we conclude with one of Krista and Joe…

Cutest Parents


Now we have one of Krista and Joe a bit more dressed up and looking GREAT!

Cutest Parents

Last but not least we decided to upload the Snapchat story to our YouTube channel so we could include it here just because there were a few more great moments there….

So there you have it!  Krista, Joe, and Krista’s cutest parents!!!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our time with them!

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