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Evidence Of Emily Being Exceptional On Her Senior Session!

Yes there is plenty of evidence of Emily being exceptional – not just on her senior session in case the title is misleading, because we’ve known this for a while.  Really since the first time we met her and throughout her time representing the studio as a spokesmodel for the class of 2018!  Plus she’s a North Farmington Raider which always helps, but she’s no ordinary Raider, she’s an accomplished musician and student athlete!  She’s a total character as well so really she’s the whole package and we are huge fans!

Emily Being Exceptional

With Emily we traveled to Ann Arbor and spent the morning photographing on and around the U of M campus which obviously has lots of great spots, and her mom Jen joined – we always have a great time together with them!  We’ll start with this one:


Stunningly beautiful!

Now there’s a little story with that one… we had a bit of an emergency situation with a big fat bumblebee who was hanging around in the flowers that decided to hitch a ride in Emily’s beautiful long hair and come along in the car…. let’s just say Emily was a little startled when she discovered Mr. Bumblebee.  Holy moly….  haha!  But Emily’s a trooper and she survived!  Lol…

Meanwhile we do have some behind the scenes from our day – not of the bee but of the bee-yoo-tee.  See what I did there?  First with the replay of our Facebook Live broadcast:

Here are a couple more where we explored and took advantage of textures and architecture on campus:


Framed nicely with the full length shot!

Here’s some more behind the scenes fun from the YouTube Live replay:

And now with the close up…


Emily being exceptional indeed!

At this point after a delicious vegan lunch at The Lunch Room where our Lacey met up with us as well we headed back to the studio in West Bloomfield to get a couple more photos including some focus on volleyball – and this next photo is LIT….  We usually play with fire on the black backdrop but this one on the grey is just awesome


A great one to finish on!  So as you can see there was plenty of evidence of Emily being exceptional and we hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with her!

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