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2014 Was A Wonderful and Frameable Year!

2014 was a wonderful and “Frameable” year that we won’t soon forget and in many ways it was the best year yet for Frameable Faces!  As we charge into what should only be the best, happiest and healthiest 2015 possible for ALL of our peeps – we take a happy look back at the past year!

The Class of 2015 Spokesmodels

Okay so the fact that we assembled a new crew of spokesmodels wasn’t something unique to 2014 since we do that every year, but every class is indeed unique and this one was no exception!  A bigger class than usual, we really fell in love with this group and ended up with some great new friends out of it – not just friends of the studio but of our family.  We spent a good part of our winter and spring photographing these awesome seniors and I was playing with the panorama function on my iPhone camera the whole time.  Let’s reveal all of the behind-the-scenes panoramas from those sessions together here – these aren’t professional shots and they aren’t filtered or retouched but together they are kind of neat!

2014 201420142014201420142014201420142014201420142014That’s how we spent a good part of the first 4 months of the year, culminating with our spokesmodel party with our usual dinner (catered by Pine Lake Market) and Just Baked cupcakes and that’s where we create our composite which stays in the window of our studio until the next class!


Summer – Relay For Life, more seniors, road trips…

Team Frameable Faces participated in the Relay For Life once again to try to help beat cancer and we had a fun and rewarding day raising a nice chunk of money this year.  We also continued photographing a whole bunch of seniors and we even took a couple of road trips including one where Ally took some breathtaking photos up at Sleeping Bear Dunes.  We worked hard this summer and at the same time had to plan and gear up for our son Tony’s Bar Mitzvah!  Our heads were spinning most of the time… but it was all good stuff.

Tony’s Bar Mitzvah!

What an awesome weekend this was!  Tony did a great job, the party was a blast, and our photographer – well she’s the best.  We hired our own event photographer Angela and it was really cool to be on the other side of the lens and in her capable and talented hands.  You can see a handful of highlights from our day here!


2014New Website, other highlights and cruising towards 2015!

Meanwhile plenty of other topics were on our minds and on our plates – the launch of our fantastic new website designed by our friends at EPK Design, continued Instagramming, Vining, Tweeting, Facebooking, YouTubing, Pinning, Google Plus-ing and blogging!  We photographed plenty of families including this recent one which we’ll give you just a peek of before their upcoming blog post…


Reflecto had a bit of a rebirth as well after recovering from an injury and continued to focus on his favorite topic……himself.

So that’s our recap – we are thankful for all of you and for a great year and we are looking forward to what will be an amazing 2015!  We wish for all of you peace, health and happiness, and we will see you all soon!

All our best,

Doug and Ally


Peace, Love, Spokesmodels, and Frameable Faces!

We had our second annual high school senior spokesmodel party yesterday for the Frameable Faces class of 2013 and it was a blast!  Our group of 11 had been looking forward to this for a while and to finally see all the spokesmodels in the studio together wearing Frameable Faces t-shirts and having fun is one of the real highlights of the year for us.  Each year we try to take it up one more notch and we definitely did this year…

When the spokesmodels arrived yesterday all of their t-shirts were laid out on a table with their spokesmodel cards which they can pass out to their friends.

Senior Spokesmodels, Metro Detroit Photographer, Frameable Faces Photography

Frameable Faces t-shirts!

Once everyone arrived and introduced themselves to each other they started exchanging cards and I think some sort of card game broke out…  hilarious!

Next was a special presentation – this year we added the spokesmodel video which includes video clips and images from each of the sessions – take a look!

Frameable Faces Spokesmodels Class of 2013!

After raucous applause we got down to the business of taking pictures for this year’s composite photo which will be revealed soon so stay tuned!  We can’t wait to see the results of this – in the meantime here is last year’s from the class of 2012 which adorns one of our studio windows as a huge mural!

class of 2013 spokesmodels

We were about to eat dinner next but everyone decided that they had to first put on our tutus for some bonus fun – what is it with seniors and tutus?  Meanwhile one of our spokesmodels (Kyle) had to leave early leaving Donovan as the only boy – I don’t think he minded and things got pretty funny as you can see by clicking the link below…  at this point Samantha hadn’t arrived yet so this is everyone minus Kyle and Samantha….

Spokesmodel Silliness!

At that point we ate some pasta and salad for dinner, and then we finished off the night with the piéce de résistance – the Just Baked cupcake tower with a Frameable Faces cake on top!!!  The Chubby Hubby, Red Velvet, and Grumpy Cake cupcakes were the first to go….  YUM!!!!

Just Baked

All in all it was a great night and we are so happy to have these amazing young people representing our studio!  As someone said during the party, “Peace Love and Frameable Faces”!!!!