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Allie Leads The Way For The Class Of 2025 Spokesmodels!

Wow…. we’re coming up on a quarter of the way into the 21st century and this new crew of spokesmodels WILL be one we are honored to have on our team – starting with Allie representing Frankel Jewish Academy!  Ally babysat Allie’s mom so things continue to come full circle here at Frameable Faces!

We love our spokesmodels and Allie is awesome – adorable, smart, funny, outgoing – we love her!  And her parents Jenny & Ron are pretty okay too – Jenny joined us at the studio for Allie’s spokesmodel session where we brought out a few brand new setups along with a couple of our tried and true favorites!  Let’s take a look!

Allie Leads The Way


Love the green on green!  The on location photos typically have the overall edge in terms of the percentage that we take of our seniors, but our studio work is so much fun and we’ve been experimenting with some lighting techniques and some new equipment!  We picked up a few tricks in Louisville at Imaging USA last month that we’re darn excited for, and our seniors get to choose studio AND location photos so it’s very common for us to do a little of both even if it’s 1/3rd studio and 2/3rds location.  Any mix is up to the senior and we plan that out in a consultation ahead of time!

We also have some fun behind the scenes from the session first from Facebook:

And here’s the result:


Love it!  Also want to give a shout out to Lisa North of NorthStar Luxe for the wonderful job on Allie’s hair and makeup!  Lisa will be one of our choices for makeup this year – she’s awesome.

Here’s the black and blowy which is an old fave, but we have a new backdrop and lighting setup for it…



Oh and we have more behind the scenes on that too from Instagram:


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We’ll leave you with one more outfit change – outfit changes are a must!  We actually allow as many as you like in our three hour sessions!  The sweet spot is usually around 4-5 give or take.


Oh yeah, and there’s a red gel involved on that one…. SO COOL.

So there you have it!  We are HYPED.  Allie was the perfect spokesmodel to kick it off and we can’t wait to photograph her for her senior pics – we’ve always loved photographing Allie – here’s proof (she’s the older sis):

Cuteness overload.  And now she’s all grown up and a total delight.  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of her session and we can’t wait to share pics with you of the rest of our crew as we gear up for the Class of 2025!!!

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