Frameable Faces Takes Over Louisville At Imaging USA 2024!

How’s that for a title!  Okay so we didn’t literally take over Louisville at Imaging USA 2024 but it’s about going in with that mindset and we crushed it.  We brought the whole team – Doug, Ally, Angela and Michelle and we learned a ton, mingled with photographer friends old and new and we are pretty fired up to bring back that knowledge along with new equipment, techniques and materials for some new styles for our portraits!

*Side note: The formatting seems a little wonky on this blog post for some reason so there may be a couple of empty spaces you have to scroll past – don’t worry, there aren’t photos that aren’t showing up or anything.

Imaging USA 2024








Louisville Is A Cool City

We stayed right downtown and the Kentucky International Convention Center is a world class facility.  Downtown is pretty clean and walkable – surprisingly we can’t say there was a ton of energy down there – not a lot of people or traffic downtown but it was nice.  Here’s the view down market street from the hotel – keep in mind Doug took these photos with his iPhone – these are NOT professional photos lol…

Imaging USA 2024

Here’s the 4 of us at Irish Rover and we also loved Mussel & Burger Bar and Heine Brothers’ Coffee.

Irish Rover

Here we are at Heine Brothers’ Coffee with Metro Detroit photographer Sam Sarkis – one of the very best wedding photographers in the game.  Always great to spend time with other photographers we respect to talk shop!


Imaging USA 2024!

Imaging USA 2024

This was the home screen of the app that would pop up on your smartphone when you launched it and the app was really well done with every piece of information you could want on every seminar, and you could pick the ones you wanted to attend to populate your calendar and review them as well.  The entire center was decked out too… every wall and escalator with kiosks everywhere.

Imaging USA 2024

The keynote speaker was Victoria Labalme and she delivered a fantastic talk – very inspiring indeed.   Many of the speakers throughout the conference were fabulous.
We did a little Facebook Livestream (of course) right as we entered the expo for the first time where we were able to chat with just about every vendor of note in the business…

What’s also kind of funny it that it was around this time that we were “featured” (haha) in Miller’s Lab’s reel on Instagram – a couple people noticed and messaged us about it!



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One vendor we’ll highlight that we were REALLY impressed with was a company called Graphi Studio – we fell in love with some of their albums and we may just be offering some of them to you soon!!!

Imaging USA

And that’s the thing…. there was SOOOO much to see.

Here we are with Tomayia Colvin who was one of the speakers – she may have been the best one at Imaging USA – wow.  She’s based in Houston and she KNOWS her stuff.

Imaging USA















Here is Ron Nichols presenting – he’s the owner of ProSelect which is the software we use for our ordering meetings that you’ve all seen.  And boy are the new features coming to that exciting… Holy moly.  We hung out with Ron for a while at a sports bar to watch the Lions game (although we don’t want to talk about that too much… 🙁).

Imaging USA 2024


So yeah…. in conclusion, we crushed it.

Imaging USA 2024


















The closing party was lit, putting a nice final touch on the proceedings!Imaging USA 2024













Oh – and how funny is this…

Look who made the cover of the Imaging USA wrap up blog post on their website???

Imaging USA 2024

See!  We TOLD you Frameable Faces TOOK OVER Louisville!!!!  LOL!!!

And there you have it – a wonderful week at Imaging USA 2024 and we hope you enjoyed the recap!!!


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