My first Camera Class!

So today, I was able to work with a young woman who called about how to use her camera. It was pretty cool, if I don’t say so myself! And pretty refreshing to have someone who wanted to know how to REALLY use her camera. She has a little point and shoot from Canon and wanted to know how to use it in manual! How cool is that??? Someone who’s actually interested in how the camera works instead of just putting it in auto and going from there.

We talked all about aperture and how to use it to control the depth of field, and how to use the shutter speed to control motion, too. We also played around a bit with the two live models I brought in for her. Thank goodness for my own two muses! 🙂 They totally rocked it out!

So, all in all, we only worked together today for about an hour or so, but she learned a lot of information that she didn’t know before. That made me super happy! So happy, in fact, that I’m seriously considering doing some more classes like this. Let me know if you or anyone else you know would be interested.

Until next time,

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