Let’s Talk About Our Plans For 2024!

Hey everybody!  Okay – so there has been so much going on here at the studio and in our lives, and while it may seem like there’s been a lull in the action it’s really been more like a duck who seems calm on the surface but is paddling like mad underneath.  We’ve got BIG plans for 2024!

Plans For 2024

We thought it would be fun to let you in on some of the things we have on tap for the year – Frameable Faces related AND otherwise!

Plans for 2024

Imaging USA

We last went to Imaging USA in Nashville in 2010 – which is hard to believe… Imaging USA is an annual national photography convention through the PPA, and while we’ve always said we should get back to another one we’re finally doing it next weekend in Louisville!  Last time we were at Imaging USA we did a little video recap to document our trip – it seems a bit crude to us now lol… but that was a great trip and we learned a ton.

Funny too because Frameable Faces was really still a fledgling studio in the grand scheme of things…

This time is going to be way different.

For starters we are going with the dream team from our preschool division Angela and Michelle!  You know Angela as our event photographer for many years which she still is, but last year she was joined by Michelle here in launching our schools division for day care centers and nursery schools and the two of them are doing an amazing job!  More on them soon with a separate tab here on the site with their bios and more info, so stay tuned (we got a bit behind on that).  Neither of them have been to Imaging so this feels like a next chapter in the growth of the studio and we are thrilled!  It feels like coming full circle a bit and now we’re “grizzled veterans” with a long running and successful studio with a wonderful community, thriving at our beloved home of 15 years now – Orchard Mall!

The Usual but a bit more…

As much as things may change many things remain the same and that is our love of high school senior photos – so we’re assembling our new Class of 2025 (how is that possible) spokesmodel crew – a couple are already on board and we are so excited to start photographing them!  But another thing has happened that has steadily grown that we love that we might not have seen coming 10 or even 5 years ago and that’s COLLEGE senior pics!  Okay they’re not quite the same as high school senior pics but boy are they a blast. 

When spring rolls around we are finding ourselves in Ann Arbor, East Lansing and hopefully elsewhere in the future bopping around campus usually with a crew of friends in their caps and gowns or fun college gear…..and quite often champagne lol.  So that’s another thing we get to look forward to these days which is a recent development.  And of course we still photograph plenty of corporate headshots, families and newborns.  Including newborns of our former seniors – that’s also a newer development!!!  Talk about full circle and surreal….

Other updates with the fam

Doug is still jamming in his band Vintage Playboy and the next gig is on April 13th at the B1 Tavern in Keego Harbor – come on out and jam!  The B1 Tavern actually has really good food – not just bar food – so come early, eat and make a night out of it!

Doug also still has digital marketing clients with his company M10 Social – if you haven’t been to the website Doug has added a lot to it.  There are now THREE blogs there!  The M10 Blog for Doug’s thoughts, tips and news in the digital marketing space and social media.  Doug’s Music Snobbery where Doug reviews albums, concerts, album rankings, band profiles and lots of other stuff.  His Prince album ranking is the second ranked one just behind Spin Magazine!  Lastly is Doug’s History Blog – you know he’s a history freak and there are a bunch of photos there from roadtrips to battlefields, president’s homes, national parks and much more – including our epic family western road trip last year where we hit NINE National Parks, THREE president’s homes and more.

We also moved last summer – back to Farmington Hills and we love our new place.  Lacey is in Brooklyn having finished up her M.F.A. in creative writing at Long Island University and you can visit her website at www.laceycohen.com!  Tony graduated from MSU and moved home and what is he doing you ask…..?

It’s Detroit Jerky Time!

We bought a company called Detroit Jerky!  It’s a plant-based jerky – vegan, cruelty free and gluten free and we are so excited to get that going – so we’ve been pretty busy needless to say.  Tony is the CJO (Chief Jerky Officer) and we’ll be working out of the Proud Mitten Shared Kitchen in Plymouth.  We expect to be in production and selling jerky sometime in March if all goes according to plan.  Visit the website and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn!  It’s delicious – you’ll love it.

Whew!  That’s about it for the moment – and that’s plenty.  We are so excited for 2024 and we look forward to seeing all of you this year!

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