Carly and Chet Got Engaged and We Were There To Capture It!

We’ve known Carly for a long time now dating back to her senior pictures about a decade ago and we LOVE her.  She’s Ally’s birthday twin and we’ve had a great friendship for years now.  She was last here in the studio with her now-fiancé Chet right before the pandemic started with all of their pets, and we liked Chet from our first time meeting him, so when he called Ally to say he wanted us to be there to photograph him popping the question to Carly we were thrilled!


We met Chet on location a week in advance in Clarkston to scope out the scene so we could be prepared and in the right spot – Carly had no clue.  We had it all planned out right down to the fake goodbye after the question and the photos when we actually headed straight to their house to get photos of family who flew in and surprised Carly again!  We were pretty pumped.

Carly & Chet Get Engaged

As for the engagement it happened on an EXTREMELY cold day and I was nervous Chet wasn’t going to get Carly to go for a walk – like why would you just “go for a walk” when it’s like 0 degrees?  Well he pulled it off and we were waiting in a nearby gazebo when they approached.  Chet took a knee at the end of the bridge right by us.  We watched the whole thing as Carly freaked out and then her surprise when she discovered it was us taking pics!  Just such an awesome moment.  Let’s get to the pics!

First – THE moment…

CarlySo amazing!


Think they’re happy?

Here’s some awesome behind the scenes while Carly was still on cloud nine from Facebook

We took a few more engagement pics of the happy couple – here’s three of them – first on the gazebo:


Back on the bridge:

And we’ll leave you with this one in black and white on a nearby bench…


LOVE it.

We wish them a life of happiness and we were so glad to be a part of that day!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights!

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