Maya Was On Fiyaaaaaaa For Her Senior Pictures!

Fiyaaaaaaa is a great word for this session literally and figuratively and yeah, we love this girl.  She’s been on our blog before as a spokesmodel representing the class of 2022 seniors, and we were pretty pumped to get her back in here for another round!  An accomplished student-athlete and North Farmington Raider (like us), Maya is a rock star and we’re big fans of her whole family actually.  Mom Melissa joined us for a fantastic day in the studio and Detroit so let’s get to the highlights!

Maya on Fiyaaaaaaa


Okay so there’s your actual fiyaaaaaaa.

And here’s the behind the scenes on that from Facebook – pretty cool!

Let’s now get to some more figurative fiyaaaaaaa in Detroit!


Pretty in the city!


Hey it’s Maya on the Mural!  We have some Belle Isle behind the scenes as well this time from Instagram:


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And we’ll leave you with one more:


Whoa – okay that’s a fantastic pic to finish with!  Maya on fiyaaaaaaa indeed!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with her!

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