Wrapping Up The Class Of 2022 Spokesmodel Sessions With Maya!

We’ve had a wonderful time photographing our newest crew of spokesmodels – the class of 2022!  And Maya is a great rising senior to finish with because she’s a NORTH FARMINGTON RAIDER!  You know we’re Raiders so we always have a soft spot for those who wear the brown and gold!  Ally has known Maya’s mom Melissa for years and we’re thrilled to have them on board!  We bounced around West Bloomfield to get some pics of Maya and here are a few highlights!

Wrapping Things Up With Maya

We started out at a fave spot of ours from the past that we hadn’t been to in a minute, and we found these pretty purple flowers to surround our girl:



We also have behind the scenes fun from the session first from Facebook:

One more from this spot with the barn in the background…



At this point we changed locations – our seniors can change outfits and locations multiple times during our 3 hour sessions.


And here’s one more on one of our local trails in the WB!


Here’s a little bonus fun at North Farmington – we will return there when Maya returns for her senior session, but we planned to go to Holland Field since she was just named to the Division 1 all-district team as the goalie and is currently the #1 ranked goalie in her league (she was actually a little sore from her last game on this session but you’d never know it), but there was a big event going on…. so we went to the front of the school to snap a few and here is the livestream from Instagram!


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And there you have it!  A splendid way to wrap up the spokesmodel sessions – we are so thankful to have such a great crew of kids to represent our studio for the class of 2022!  Senior sessions will be coming your way soon on the blog and you should definitely book yours now!

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