Our Own Senior Tony Takes on the Big Apple and The Brooklyn Bridge!

Time to share some photos from our very own senior who makes us so proud! It’s Tony Time! We’re actually not even done with Tony yet – as with Lacey we’re kinda taking advantage of being the photographers for our own kids senior pics.  We’ve already done a spokesmodel session with him and there will probably be one more session for Tony.  But in the meantime we decided that New York City could be a cool location for Tony’s session, and more specifically the Brooklyn Bridge! We’d never actually walked across it before so we thought we would give it a shot. It was certainly a little tricky – lots of people to navigate but we got it done. We also hit a couple spots in Westchester County on the Hudson River and in a forest. We’re pretty pumped to share these so let’s get to it:

Tony On The Brooklyn Bridge!

We actually parked in Brooklyn so we could photograph towards Manhattan and it was a little busy and a little chilly but our lighting was great (a great sundown orange sky and off camera flash) and we got some great photos!

Brooklyn Bridge

Looking good with Lady Liberty against the orange sky…

We also have plenty of fun behind the scenes and you’ll see how hectic it was for us!  First from Facebook:

Here’s a cool one where you really get a nice view of the bridge with our guy:

Brooklyn Bridge

Here’s some more behind the scenes from the Instagram broadcast…

We were staying with friends in Westchester County on this trip and the next day we headed up to a couple scenic spots in the woods and on the Hudson River.  First at Dobbs Ferry…

Brooklyn Bridge

We also have a few Snapchat highlights where you can get a sense of the scenic spot on the Hudson River!

We’ll leave you with one more close up in another natural setting:

Brooklyn BridgeSo there you have it!  A very cool experience for us to be able to get these awesome shots of our own in New York!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our time in the Big Apple! 

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