A Fun and Frameable Family of Three (Four including Lulu)!

Okay what a fun family we have here…  Just so delightful.  Say hello to Giacomo, Stephanie, Lorelai……..and Lulu.  Lol – Lulu the pup is hilarious – she did NOT like Doug.  Like at all, but she still posed for Ally and that was the important thing and we all had a good laugh about it too!  We had a lot of fun with these peeps.

Giacomo, Stephanie, Lorelai, and Lulu!

We spent part of a Saturday here at the studio with these folks and let’s get to a few highlights.  We started off with some fun family photos on the white background and this first one is hilarious – everyone is smiling / laughing because Lulu was barking at Doug while he was trying to help Ally and get Lulu’s attention.  So funny!


We also have some behind the scenes from the replay of our Facebook Live broadcast:

After that series we moved to the black backdrop for some individual / couple images.

Here’s a fabulous one of Lorelai by herself:


She’s adorable!

And here’s one of Lorelai together with Lulu!


How great is that one?

We’ll leave you with this really nice one of Giacomo and Stephanie together…


Such a happy couple and a happy day!

We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with this fabulous and Frameable Fam!

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