Calling Audibles With Andrew For Awesome Senior Picture Results!

Andrew knows how to call audibles – he was the quarterback at Bloomfield Hills High School and a teammate of our Tony, and we watched him grow and develop into a fine player through hard work.  He’s a great kid, and an audible if you didn’t know is basically the decision to adapt and change your plan depending on the circumstances – such as what the defense is presenting before the play during a game, or the weather and timing on a photo session perhaps.  In our case we improvised for some textures instead of going into a city setting and we were able to get into the locker room at BHHS for a couple cool photos and to warm up since it was freezing outside.  BUT we still got the nighttime bleacher photo that we wanted so it all worked out to be a winning session!

Audibles With Andrew


Let’s start in the studio with a dapper formal picture:



We also have some behind the scenes – first with Instagram Live from the studio in uniform:

We switched up from formal to uniform and back again for both in studio and on location – audibles remember?  Let’s head over to the school at this point but first with another stylish up close pic before we get into game gear!

Looking great!
At this point we headed into the locker room and we’ve got more behind the scenes from Facebook Live this time:

…and the result:
Andrew totally looks ready to go out and do battle….and we’ll stay with the football look for one of our faves to do – we’ve only done this a few times ever and each time it’s killer…
And there you have it!  We enjoyed watching Andrew on the field this past season with the rest of the Blackhawks – they all made us proud, and we had a great time creating these images and calling audibles with Andrew!  We hoped you enjoyed the highlights!
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