A Million Kilowatts of Awesomeness With Kaitlyn On Her Senior Session!

Kilowatts are units of energy and it’s an appropriate word to describe the awesomeness that is Kaitlyn.  She’s a bundle of infectious personality and energy and we just LOVE her.  We’ve said this before but we’ll say it again – she’s one of our all time favorite people and we couldn’t think of anyone better to photograph on Ally’s birthday!  Kaitlyn and her mom Sara even brought us Yummy Cupcakes to celebrate!


What’s funny is the timing of this has me (Doug) writing this on MY birthday which has me smiling too!  Kaitlyn is representing our studio this year as a spokesmodel at Bloomfield Hills High School at our son Tony’s suggestion and he was spot on with that recommendation.  We had an epic spokesmodel session with Kaitlyn in Detroit and we couldn’t wait to get her in front of Ally’s camera again!  But could we top it???  A million kilowatts of awesomeness with Kaitlyn would suggest a resounding YES!!!

A Million Kilowatts Of Awesomeness With Kaitlyn

The last time Katilyn was here we got some studio stuff along with the Detroit pics and this time we decided to spend all of our quality time outside for some natural scenery – of course we upped the ante a bit which we’ll get to but we’ll start in the meadow:

KilowattsSo beautiful with the pop of color!

We also have some behind the scenes fun starting with the Instagram Live replay where you can see I had a little fun with Sara – and who by the way is totally delightful which comes as no surprise as Kaitlyn’s mom.


As a little bonus here is a bit of twitter trolling from the video above… hehe….



At this point it was time to add some KILOWATTS OF AWESOMENESS to the session.



And if that weren’t enough, we finished with Kaitlyn IN the water!!!  First here is the behind the scenes replay of the Facebook Live broadcast:

And now….. well we’ll let these speak for themselves.


Just stunning!


One of our favorite sessions ever.  We’re going to include the Snapchat Story here too while we’re at it:

So there you go…  such a wonderful day and fantastic session.  A million kilowatts of awesomeness with Kaitlyn!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with her!

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