A Spectacular Detroit Spokesmodel Session Takeover With Kaitlyn!

When we asked our son Tony who is a junior at Bloomfield Hills High School who did he think would be a perfect spokesmodel at his school – a girl who is nice, social, well liked, smart and fun with a little extra online influence perhaps, the first name he spoke was Kaitlyn.  He was spot on!  This girl is amazing.  Sharp, sweet and with an infectious laugh like no one’s business, she is perfect!  And her spokesmodel session was perfect too!  It wasn’t easy – while the light was great the wind was not.  It was windy as all get out down in the D which can pose a challenge for a girl with long hair, and it wasn’t exactly warm either, but Kaitlyn still rocked it and produced some of the images that we know will prove to live on as Frameable iconic photos.  So let’s get to it!

Detroit Takeover With Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn’s mom Sara is a delight as well and she came with us down to Detroit where we started off on Belle Isle as we frequently do when we head down there.  The first photo we’re sharing here is the best Detroit Skyline photo we’ve taken and all it took was recognizing that we needed a different vantage point than we’ve used in the past!  We couldn’t be happier with how this looks…


Gorgeous Girl!

Now we did a livestream on Instagram but were unable to record it – however we think Kaitlyn’s Snapchat story was just as good so this time we’ll start with that for some of our fun behind the scenes…

An outfit change and here we are with another closer up with our girl…


At this point we headed into downtown to the Belt Alley and got this awesome photo with these vibrant colors!


Here we have some more behind the scenes fun with our Facebook Live Video replay from the Belt – as you can see Tony actually came along with us on Kaitlyn’s session and they took a few photos together which will surface soon…..  🙂

At this point we made one more location change, heading over to some of the more ratchet areas of the Eastern Market for a little urban decay which makes for great photos!  We’ll leave you with this one…



And there you have it – a spectacular spokesmodel Detroit takeover with Kaitlyn!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our time with her and we cannot wait to do it again for her senior pictures soon!!!

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