Alena Attains Autumn Awesomeness On Her Senior Session!

You may remember Alena from the beginning of the year in her spokesmodel session when she began to represent those North Farmington Raiders for our studio?  Well we upped the ante attaining Autumn Awesomeness for her senior session!  You remember back when it was Autumn right?  As of this zero-degree writing it seems so loooooong ago….  but I digress.  Let’s reminisce and revisit our day with Alena!

Alena Attains Autumn Awesomeness…

Alena’s mom Mindy is also a North Farmington Raider alum just like us and we’ve known her for many years so we love being with them and this day was no exception.  Since Alena’s spokesmodel session was all indoors during the winter we spent most of our energy this time on location in Birmingham and that’s where we’ll pick up the action.

Autumn Awesomeness

Yes!  Could her hair be any more perfect for a fall shoot?  We also need to give a shout out to Mandy Rose Studio for the always fantastic job on Alena’s hair and makeup (Michelle on hair and Mandy on makeup)!  Actually let’s even kick it up another notch with this one:

Autumn Awesomeness

Wow.  So pretty!  And let’s take a look at some of our fun behind the scenes action from the shoot, first with the replay of our Facebook Live broadcast:

Okay now let’s get to the fun urban stuff – industrial walls, streets and the like!  We headed over to another location for these and did another wardrobe change.

Autumn Awesomeness

Love it!  This has been one of our favorite walls for a long time and guess what – we’re not telling where it is!!!  Haha – we don’t own the wall so if you figure it out we won’t be mad lol…

Meanwhile we have some more behind the scenes fun with our YouTube Live replay – check it out and please hit the “subscribe” button to our channel while you’re there!

We will leave you with this last photo for now of Alena stopping traffic!  Haha!

Autumn Awesomeness

Wow right?  Alena slayed on this session and we attained Autumn Awesomeness indeed!!!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with her!

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